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Ss Alban and Stephen Parish Mission 2015


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Beaconsfield Road,
St Albans, Herts, AL1 3RB

Phone: 01727 853585

Parish Priest Fr TJ (Tom) Plower
Secretary  Ivana Mearns


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Ss Alban and Stephen Parish Mission 2015
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  6.00 pm

Saturday Evening

  8.00 am
Quiet Mass
  9.00 am
at Marshalswick Mass Centre (2 miles away)
  9.30 am
Family Mass
11.30 am A more "high" Mass
  4.00 pm Polish Mass (not every Sunday - refer to bulletin)
  7.00 pm
Folk Mass

10.00 am
Every day
12 noon
at St Albans Abbey (Fridays only)
  7.00 pm
Every day
Italian & Polish Masses

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Masses not in the church

Every Sunday, there is Mass at 9.00am at Marshalswick Mass Centre (at St John Fisher School)

On Fridays at 12 noon, there is Catholic Mass at St Albans Cathedral

Christmas, Easter, etc.

At times such as Advent, Christmas, Easter, Lent etc., times of Masses will vary click for more
Ss Alban and Stephen Parish

Whats New
Pictured above Once again we recently opened our doors and invited passers by to come in and light a candle, write a prayer and take a piece of paper with a short scripture passage on it home with them.  In the one hour service 65 candles were lit, hymns were sung, and prayers were offered
Statement by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, St Albans
We have received historic allegations, dating back several decades, that one of our priests based here at St Albans sexually abused some young people. The person against whom the allegations are made died several decades ago.  The Police and the Archdiocese have been informed of the allegations.
The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart fully accept and acknowledge the immense pain, harm and distress suffered by persons who have been abused as well as their families - and we encourage any person who has been abused to report it.
Anyone who wishes to make contact with us on this most important matter will receive our support. We appreciate how difficult it can be to come forward and share one’s own story of abuse.
We encourage people who have been abused to report the matter to the Police.  Should you wish to speak to a representative of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, you can contact our Safeguarding Manager, Mrs. Saoirse Fox (Email: , Irish Landline: +353 1 4906622,  Irish Mobile: +353 86 344 1707)
There is also an independent, confidential and free helpline providing professional support for people who have experienced sexual abuse in this parish provided by Towards Healing.  You can contact Margo or Cathy on 0800 0963315.  The helpline is open Monday to Thursday 11:00am - 8:00pm and Friday 11:00am - 6:00pm.
We want to assure everyone that the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart rigorously implement our child protection guidelines, which are fully compliant with official guidelines, here and at all our various centres.  It is of vital importance to us that the parish and all its activities are safe places for children and vulnerable people.
18th/19th November 2017, St Albans
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Last update: Sunday 19th November 2017
Beloved Disciples a course for the over 60s. Thursdays in the hall after 10am Mass: Final event The Best is Yet to Come 23rd Nov.
Market Stall: Sat 16th Dec. Please plan to give ½ hour to hand out Invitations
to our Christmas Services at the market 9am – 3.30pm Call Eric on 01727 838598

Diocese of Westminster Accounts  The Annual Reports & Accounts 2016 are available for you to look at from the back of the Church, and on-line here soon
Welcome We extend a warm welcome to visitors to our website, and also to our parish and our church.
With over 1,500 regular attendances at Sunday Mass, and with five masses every Sunday (including the Saturday vigil) in the Church, plus one at the Marshalswick Mass Centre, it is one the three largest  parishes in the Hertfordshire Pastoral Area of the Westminster Diocese.
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Witamy Polsku - There is a large Polish Community here, with two Sunday Masses per month in Polish, Więcej (more) >>
Benvenuti (Italiano)  Also there is a large Italian community in our parish, although not currently a monthly Mass - cliccata qui >>

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Ss Alban and Stephen Parish Mission 2015
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